Youthful Makeup | Glowing Natural Look Tutorial for Mature Women over 50

Hey awesome ones. Wow I have been
scouring the malls and having people put makeup on me and buying up all kinds of
different products and I have found a kind of natural fresh face kind of look
for you. I’m so excited to bring it to you. I really believe that it helps us
and it helped me look a little younger. I’m 64 years old now and I I really like
this application and well I can’t wait to show it to you and it all starts in
just a few seconds. Now I’m all for that matte finish that
really hides those age spots and imperfections but as a former model I’ve
I just love trying out all the different new things that are on the market. I
found some new ones, well new for me and a lot of them are fairly new on the
market and it’s giving me a little less foundation but still pretty good
coverage. So this way of wearing makeup is really a more natural look, you can
see it got a little glow happening here a little different kind of application
with the highlighter and no actual eyeliner either. Anyway I can’t wait
to show all of these products put to you and the tutorial but I’ve got to start off
with a fresh face with no makeup so let’s do the presto change-o. Ah does she
really look like that? Well yeah I’m just keeping it real but now you can really
see the magic of a little bit of makeup. So let’s get on with the tutorial. So as
many of you already know I don’t wash my face in the morning and I certainly
don’t apply a day cream if I’m putting on makeup but what I do use when I’m
putting on makeup is a primer. Now as you can see by this one it’s pretty well all
gone. I’m not even too sure if I’m gonna get anything out of it let’s just see
here ah there you go. And what this is…I just bought a new one
as a matter of fact and it’s the strivectin and what I like about it is…it is
let’s just check this out here…it’s a line blur factor it’s an instant wrinkle
blurring primer. And what all that means is it kind of gets into my pores and it
gets into the fine lines and it kind of blurs them out a little bit which I need.
So I just sort of put it on my clean hand my clean palette here and I’m just
going to put a little bit kind of all over my face
almost feels like…it’s not greasy. I don’t want to say
like a silicone but it really does feel like a little bit of a barrier and
it’s getting in there to those pores and setting you know it’s like priming a
wall when you’re doing painting. This is kind of priming my face. So a little bit
here, a little bit here and why not a little bit on my nose. Now you might be
looking at my face and go oh my gosh she’s turning so red! That always happens
to me. It’s going to…I’m going to get back to normal in just a few seconds. So let’s
let that primer sink in a little bit and start doing some concealer. And I’m using
the Estee Lauder concealer here and it is the Double Wear and the color I have
here is light medium neutral. It comes with a little applicator…by the way
there’s lots of different colors for you to choose from in this. Comes with a
little applicator. I’m gonna go into this purpley part here and it dries fast so
you have to work fast. And then what I’m going to use is a brush like this and
just kind of go in…this is such a lovely brush for this…
it’s a concealer brush and yeah I’ll just get a little more into that purpley
part and there you go you can probably see a little bit of the difference
between the two right now. You probably noticed I didn’t cover up my
age spots with a concealer. There’s a good reason for that I’ve actually
changed the entire way that I’m applying my foundation. And talking about
foundation this is my new one. It’s Estee Lauder and what it is…it’s a
perfectionist youth infusing serum makeup. And what all that means is it’s
it’s not a really thick kind of makeup. It’s not a really matte makeup. As a
matter of fact it’s an SPF 25 which is fantastic. We need that and also it has
these brightening optic things in it so we’re gonna get a little bit more of
a glow with it. Oh and this is also dermatologist tested and also fragrance
free which is also very very nice. Now the other thing I like about this
product is that it has a pump. So it’s really easy to apply now. The weird thing
about this is I am NOT going to be using a Beauty Blender or a sponge for this. I
want kind of a thin layer so I’m using my hand, my clean washed hand as a
palette putting a little bit of…their of the of the makeup and kind of swishing
it around a little bit and now I’m just going to apply it with my fingers and we
don’t want too much. I don’t have too many age spots on my forehead so I don’t
want too many there…down my nose not too many there either.
So you see this is just really a light coat. It’s covering so all my red
imperfections and those little red I don’t no blood vessels. So they’re gonna be
covered up. I kind of go down onto the the chin level a little bit. Alright now
what about all this? What am I going to do here? Well I’m not going to put any
foundation under here. I’m going to just apply normally. It’s a nice fresh look…..
get those brightening optics going…a little bit up here…. Okay that’s very nice. Now these spots
here I still have a little bit on my palate I’m just gonna put a little
covering here…check that out. Nice coverage there and it’s exactly the same
color color some coverage here. I’m going for exactly the same color and I got a
little spot here, huh spots everywhere… Are you guys like me? Where do these come from?
I really do protect my skin too from the sun so there you go. Oh and my color for
this is 2N1 desert beige and there’s lots of
different colors for you. Now I have been wearing this makeup all of the
makeup actually that I’m going to show you and I bought it all with my own
money. So you know I always do true reviews anyways, but no it’s been also all
the makeup that I’m going to show you it has lasted the test of time during the
day so yeah. Oh and by the way if you want to purchase something like what I’m
showing in this makeup we’re going to have links below the description so
that’s a handy way to find them there. So what about the eyes? I found a beautiful
color palette from Clinique and this one is like a lavender palette as you can
see here, but there’s all different colors that you can find with it and
this one is called, going steady number 10. So there you have it. There’s a lot of
great colors in here and it comes with two applicators which I really like. So
what I’m going to be using is this color here this nice bright fresh color and
I’m just going to apply it to my my lid and just underneath my brow bone. And I’m
only going to do one eye because you know with the sake of time we have to
make sure that we only do the one eye. So it’s pretty easy anyway I’m just kind of
going on like this… just to liven things up a little bit and
underneath here…there you go. Now remember I said I wanted a more natural
look. So what I’m going to do is use a pencil for my eyeliner. I’m going
to use a little brush like this an angle brush and I’m going to use the grey
that’s in this palette and I am just going to put a little bit of liner just
dab it on…not a big swish but a little dab will do you and make a line out of
it. Can you see that okay Bill? Yes. Okay and then with which…blah blah blah…with what’s
left I’m going to go underneath my eyes here just for a little powdery look.
Nothing too harsh. Maybe up in there a little bit and that’s all I’m going to
do. Now as you noticed I also put a little bit in the corner here. I have
hooded eyes so brings me a little bit of a lift there and I’m going to use the
pretty purple here to go inside the crease. I don’t start right at this
side. I just start about here dabbing it on and then I have the swoosh and you’re
thinking what’s the swoosh. Well if you’ve got hooded eyes…I did a video on
how to sort of give yourself an upturn with your eyes and as a matter of fact
I’m going to put that in the end screen so you can take a look at that video. But
obviously this looks horrible Heather. I gotta blend it out but I’m just gonna
put a little bit more here in the crease and we’ll start blending it out. So I’m
using a blending brush like this and let’s blend.
Take your time…swish it up. Seems that as we age our eyes do get hooded too. So
this is a good technique to know and there you go just a little bit of a
swoosh there. I’ll do the other eye and I’ll be right back.
Now right now I can put a coat of mascara only on my top lashes and
although I’m using black you know some of you might – might want to use a brown
or some other color but this is the Maybelline falsies lash lift. I’ll tell you something for a drugstore product it’s fantastic. I absolutely love
it and it comes off really nice at night and it also applies super thick and
it’s not transferring either. So let’s just put a little bit of that…..all we’re
gonna do is just one coat on the top ones. And then moving on to the next step.
Now remember those age spots of mine? Now this is the thinner
foundation so as you can see I still kind of have them peering through there
a little bit. So I’m going to use a little bit of my concealer. Make sure
your concealer pretty well matches the same color of your foundation and also
that it’s the same brand. So I’m just going to use a brush like this a little
down here and I’m just going to do some kind of paint-by-numbers and dab, paint by numbers and dab.
Anywhere where I see a little mark that is showing through…oh there’s a little
one on my nose that’s probably a blemish. I get age spots and blemishes. All right
in this spot here this is a real nasty one. So we’re gonna put some concealer
there and that helps things out a little bit. And now for the eyebrows. I want the
eyebrows to still frame my face but look a little more natural. So I’m using a
pencil like this with a little spooley on the end and this is NYX and it’s
blonde. What I’m going to do is just brush up my eyebrows and then kind of
fill them in. See how much of a difference that makes
and brush them up. Now we want them to stay up there so I’m using the Great
Lash clear mascara from Maybelline and this is just fantastic because you can’t
see it but it makes a nice shape. Look at the difference between the two. I’m in
dire need of some blush on my face and what I’m using is Clinique’s contouring
blush palette. It’s quite pretty and I’ll just be using a brush like this and
I just sort of just dab it on my cheeks a little bit, not too much just a little
bit and also with what is ever left I’m gonna put a little bit on my
forehead here and just a touch just a very light touch under my eyes. All right
now it’s contouring time and I’m using this little brush here for my contouring
and since I kind of got a pinky look going on here I’m going to use this
pinky colored…it’s actually from Tarte. It’s actually blush but as you can see
it’s very matte and it’s called, exposed. Now if you’re a little bit darker than
me certainly you could use a brownish contouring or maybe even a bronzer might
work as well. But what we’re gonna do is just put this in here and we’re going to
go along my cheekbone, underneath my, a nice way to say it is my chin not my jowls,
anyway and then along our noses. Did you know that our noses get bigger as we age.
I mean really okay and then a little bit up here as well and then all I’m going
to do with that is oops….. so everything’s droppin here but I’m
going to use this brush here and just kind of brush it out a little bit……. so it blends in a little nicer. Now let’s
get our fresh-faced glow on and what I have here is Too-faced, it’s fancy pink
diamond highlighter and it’s a nice little container for it as well. So I’m using a
brush like this and I’m just going to go into the highlighter and this time I’m
going to put the little sparkle I think you can see it…..
maybe Bill you can do a little close up here. A little bit of a shine there. You
don’t see it on this side but you can see it here. I want to go right up like
this a little bit on my cheeks and I also want to put a little bit, believe it
or not on my forehead so that’s just gonna give me that fresh kind of glow.
Now there are places where I don’t want to glow and I’m going to be using my
Revlon Anti-Shine which you guys…look how much I’ve used of this and this is not
just my first container either and so this is a really nice way not to have a
you know the powder caking and showing all your wrinkles. And again I’m going to
link that below and I’m just going to take the shine right off of my nose here
because we don’t want a shiny nose. And anything underneath my eyes because I
don’t want to shine. That seems to be where I get the shines but the rest is a
little bit more natural. And now for some lipstick. I really still want to have a
little bit of a bold lip so I am using Dior. You see it in a lot of my videos I’m
using this Dior and it is called Stellar Shine Dior 976. So it’s it goes on
and it also stays on so I’m just going to…….. put a little bit of lipstick on there
and also I’m going to do a little bit of a lip liner. This is just Covergirl
and I think it’s called 235 Splendid. And you know what? I gotta use a mirror or it will be all over the place. So I’m just gonna….. it’s not you’re not going to see this lip liner
really. I’m just making it sure that everything kind of goes into the corners
and just looks a little straighter. So that’s all I’m doing there. Now what I’m
going to do is I’m going to put some mascara on my bottom lashes on my top
lashes and show you the finished product… product… the finished me. So there you
have it it’s a glowy fresh-faced kind of look and it doesn’t have that thick
pancake kind of matte foundation on it. And I really really like it…also really
liked it because it’s an SPF 25 and the makeup is more like like a serum. It’s
an oil-free hydration serum. Now usually at this time I bring in my little Yorkie,
but you know for these longer videos we thought maybe for the sake of time what
we’re going to do is we’re just well we’re gonna give him a day off. But
I am still going to talk about upcoming videos and over at our other channel
which is we’re off to the National
Home Show and we’re going to show you some big-ticket items some smaller
ticket items, so enjoy that over there and some decorating ideas. And on this
channel I’m studying some classic fashion ideas you know some throwbacks
from even the 1940s and 1950s that have always been with us is…tres-elegant and
also I have more makeup and more self-care tips as well. And hey if you
like what I’m doing here especially if you’re a woman of a certain age don’t
forget to click below on subscribe and also click that bell and that way you’ll
be notified when I’ve got the upcoming videos. Now I just gotta say that I just
love bringing these videos to you. I’m kind of in the trenches so to speak you
know. I’m out there. I’m looking in the malls. I’m trying on clothes. I’m trying
on makeup. I’m having all kinds of makeup put on me and I’m just trying to strike
the balance for us awesome ones, us more mature women. And thank you so much for
being here and all I can say is I just want to keep on keepin on and help you
to rock your world and keep it awesome.

20 thoughts on “Youthful Makeup | Glowing Natural Look Tutorial for Mature Women over 50

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  2. You look awesome for your age. I’m the same age as you but don’t wear makeup although I need to as I have the hooded eyes too. And I’m sick and tired of people saying how tired I look. The only problem is don’t have a clue where to start what colours to go for. I’m fair like yourself. I have tried in the past with makeup but I felt so uncomfortable with it.

  3. What a lovely, fresh, natural look and easy too. By the way, I'm 70 and have no age spots. I have taken numerous supplements for 30 years and, of course, stayed out of the sun, which is not easy living in a year around sunny place and having attempted to tan in my much younger years. I truly wonder what the reason is as my husband is covered in them. Same supplements but no skin care and more sun may just be why he is.

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